Test Bench - Test Benches

Test Bench  
The Benches are Automation systems oriented towards testing, inspection & quality control. They are today a necessity in the stringent quality environments across industry sectors, ensure better productivity and reliability of the products, as well as reducing human intervention error factors.

Off The Shelf Solutions
  DC-CDI. Magneto / Alternator. Regulator Rectifier, Starter Motor Controller, Pump Test Benches.
  Weld Torch / Feature Tracking Solutions
  Vision based insepction systems

Upcoming Products
  Automated production monitoring System
  Automated system for plant maintenance monitoring and assistance confirming to TPM requirements

DAQ Systems

Automated DATA Acquisition. Control & Monitoring System including the Advanced Testing. Data Logging, Graph Plotting software, Search engine & saving of Data in excel or any required format, for years together for future quality analysis.

DC - CDI Testing

DC - CDI Testing  
  Used to check the CDI of two wheelers.
  Using specific input and with the help of software product will ge tested.
  It's a multistep DAQ Testing systems
  Different condtions & inputs of different steps of software
  Depending upon the step conditions device under test (DUT) is Passed /       Failed

Magneto Testing
Magneto Testing  
  Suitable for 2, 3, 4 and Multi wheel vehicale magnetos / alternators
  Rugged and accurate mechanics to rotate magnetos at variable RPM
  Built on industry standard high performance data acquisition system
  Automatic data gathering, analysis data decision making for Pass / Fail
  Facility to store, record & analyse data in Execl format

Rectifier Regulator Testing  
  Suitable for testing Rectifier Regulator Assembly
  Unique Simulator ( Waveform source ) generates waveform exactly similar to      alternator / Magnecto based test rig. but consumers only @ 300 watts as      compared to @ 2200 watts of a 3 HP induction motor used for rotating      alternator / magneto resulting in high amout of power saving.

Starter Motor Controller Testing - Customised  
  Automatic Seqential testing o 17 different parameters.
  Device has 4 inputs and 4 outputs and 1 frequency input
  Test bench generates signals for voltage and frequency input measures the      amplitude and rise and fall times of the putput signals
  The waveforms of outputs are also displayed on the screen

Automated Pump Test Bench  
  Suitable for testing a wide range of water pumps from 0.5 Hp to 30 Capacity
  Suitable for testing Centrifugal, Submersible, Single phase and three phase       pumps
  Designed to Test a wide range of parameters like Voltage, Current, Power       Factor, RPM, Frequency, Flow, Input suction vaccum, Outpur pressure

Laser Vision Weld Bead Tracking Systems
  Tracking system gives accuracy of (+/-) 1 mm
  Auto and Manual modes of oeration.
  Pendent for manual control of the slides.
  Manual Slide control override for Auto Mode if required.
  Heavy duty ball screw slides / gantry systems with servo motors

Machine Vision And Image Processing Systems
  Bar Code Scanning
  Optical Character Recognition
  Piston Assembly, Presence of bimetal bearing
  Checking of hex nuts presense and job profile
  Checking of gear box components for damages parts and profile

Laser Vision Weld Joint Tracking Systems
  The Automated Welding control and monitoring system for ID & OD welding of
     longitudinal spiral welded pipes and Shells
  Where a continuous welding process is required
  This system can be used for Submerged Arc Welding as well as MIG or TIG      Open arc Welding

Electronics Load For Battery Testing
Electronics DC Loads are designed to test power supplies and sources such as solar arrays and batteries. These units are rigid to work in any industrial environment.
  Low noise generation
  Over Current, Over Temperature, Voltage Fault and Reverse polarity protection

Customised PCB Design Projects
  As per the requirement of the client, PCB are designed considering the space and the compatibility.
  Low noise generation and low current consumption.
  Test Points for easy fault diagnosis

Programmable Logic Controller Systems
Next Step Technologies involves the PLC projects with th DAQ systems, depending upon the system requirements.

Techno Exhaust India Pvt. Ltd. Sanaswadi, Pune.
  Leak test machine


  Test Bench - Test Benches
  Off The Shelf Solutions
  Upcoming Products
  DAQ Systems
  DC - CDI Testing
  Magneto Testing
  Rectifier Regulator Testing
  Starter Motor Controller Testing -      Customised
  Automated Pump Test Bench
  Laser Vision Weld Bead Tracking Systems
  Machine Vision And Images Processing      Systems
  Laser Vision Weld Joints Tracking      Systems
  Electronics Load For Battery Testing      Application
  Customised PCB Design Projects
  Programmable Logic Controller Systems
  Tracking Systems
  Vision Based Robotic Welding / Guidance
  Custom Build Special Purpose Machines
  All Kinds Off Software Developments(Lab View, Embedded)
  Electro - Mechanical Loading And      Unloading Systems
  Leakage Testing Machines
  Material Testing Machines
  Automated Production Monitoring Systems
  Automated System for plant Maintenance     Monitoring And Assistance Confirming To     TPM Requirements
NI Based Data Acquisition System
Alternator, CDI, Regulator, Pumps, Test Benches
Laser Vision Welding and Probe Tracking Systems Custom Built SPMs
Electronic Load and Digital Meters

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